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Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate


Female clients ages 12-24 experiencing symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Most of my clients identify as neurodiverse. They often describe it like, "my brain seems to work differently than everyone else." They have a sense that something's just not right. They're looking for help to feel more confident and to do better socially, academically or at work. 

As a yoga teacher turned therapist, my approach is nonjudgmental and "chill." Above all, I'm a person-centered therapist. This means if you don't like the direction therapy is going, we change it. Some clients know the direction they want to go and "lead." Others need suggestions and inspiration for what to explore. I serve as a guide, supporter and psychoeducation teacher on your journey of achieving your therapeutic goals.

About Allison: About Me
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